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Despite facing budget cuts in every area of business, pressure to raise standards with healthcare products is on a continuous rise. The principles of Lifetime Homes have supported the growing demand for independence, flexibility and choice among the elderly and disabled people of all ages who seek a higher quality of life.

Figures sought from the Department of Work and Pensions have suggested a rapid increase in the number of over 50’s, stating that half of the adult population within the UK will fall into this category by 2020. Government initiatives involve an increase in support for providing a better quality of life for older people through the ‘Ageing Well’ initiative. There is also a huge emphasis on building and refurbishing properties in order to create lifetime homes to suit this growing demographic, enabling homes to be future proofed and designed with accessibility and independence in mind. Lifetime Homes support the vision for the people to stay in their existing homes rather than moving to residential homes later on in life.

According to David Forbes, Company Director of Nicholls & Clarke, ‘inclusive design is a fundamental area of focus for adaptation projects and it is important to create an environment that provides safety, flexibility, freedom of movement and accessibility without ever compromising on design. Future proofing should consider all members of the family, which is where our multi user solutions are already popular with many local authorities. We invest in only the best in quality manufacturing and R&D for the ultimate in product performance, innovation and quality.’

Wet rooms are fast becoming the on trend solution for showering yet provide easy access and a future proof solution within the home. Wet rooms enable barrier-free entry in the shower area and is an appealing solution for the elderly or those requiring assistance.

Nicholls & Clarke are unique in being able to offer the ‘Total Wet Room Solution’. Using over 30 years of invaluable experience, N&C have created an attractive, complete wet room system which ensures peace of mind, where each component is designed and manufactured to work in harmony with each other to create a cost effective, easy to install solution which is watertight, practical and easy to maintain.

Nicholls & Clarke are prominent members of the Tile Association and have previously chaired the wet room committee. This is the voice of the UK tile industry and have therefore long foreseen the need to future proof homes by considering these requirements during refurbishment projects to reduce the need for costly rebuilds at a later date when new legislations takes form.

Total Bathroom Solution Provider

Functionality is essential, but N&C believe in equality by design. Supplying inclusive designs at affordable prices is at the core of their operation as they combine the latest in innovation and the highest level of product performance testing, coupled with the latest in style to provide solutions designed around clients.  As award winning suppliers, recognised for innovative designs, N&C Phlexicare work around living and working environments, assessing living space and limitations in order to  offer the perfect solution, whether a wet room, level access showering or adapted kitchen for multi-users with different levels of abilities.

Only the best ingredients go into an N&C Phlexicare Kitchen
Surprisingly the kitchen is an area where little attention is paid within the disability market, and can be argued to potentially hold the highest number of obstacles and potential threats, such as pull down oven doors and high wall cupboards. Manoeuvrability in the home is a highly important factor for N&C Phlexicare when designing solutions to allow a high level of independent living. With N&C Phlexicare, users have the ability to adapt their existing kitchen or if budget allows, have a specially designed kitchen encompassing the needs of both able bodied or/and the disabled user.  Anticipating change and reacting to the dynamic market, N&C Phlexicare have invested in state of the art technology that allows their experienced technical team to bring together your individual design, budget and functional requirements into working plans, elevations and photo realistic 3D’s, showing exactly how your new kitchen would look.

N&C Phlexicare provide solutions to the many concerns and potential threats that people with different levels of abilities would face within the kitchen environment. Designs are based on their individual abilities and structure of the room. N&C also offer a wide range of special features such as electric rise & fall worktop frames allowing the hob and sink to adjust in height, studio height oven housings with side hung oven doors and telescopic shelves, pull out tables, dish drawers and pull down baskets within wall units. All these features and many more help the wheelchair and disabled user work safely in what can be a particularly difficult environment. The kitchen designs prove that style and flair do not have to be sacrificed over function. The design allows for easy wheelchair access to a low fixed height preparation area on the island, low mounted hinged oven and adjustable worktops for both the sink and hob. There is also a wide range of inspirational designs available from trendy, contemporary styles to the traditional kitchen.

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