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Lot 20 is the key part of the new Eco-design legislation which came into effect from the 1st of January 2018 and will mandate that all electric space heaters, electric radiators comply with a set of minimum efficiency guidelines and comply with Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP), and use enhancing eco saving features.

This new legislation from the EU 2015/1188 is set to bring about the biggest shake up in electric space heating to-date, with new energy efficiency regulations coming into play that will likely change the landscape of available products and manufacturers.

How LOT 20 Works

All heater types are given a baseline “seasonal space heating efficiency” figure and must reach a corrected target to become compliant. The target varies by heater category type, and can be met or exceeded by adding controls which are deemed to add efficiencies. Using external controls, LOT 20 recognizes that external control systems are a significant factor in improving efficiencies and encouraging the use of effective zoning. 

Cali Sense

The New Cali Sense is fully Compliant with the new Eco Design legislation. Through the Cali Eco Sense range Intelli Heat have been pioneering the integration of Intelligent electric heating controls on direct acting electric heating systems since 2010, the range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of Eco-Design, provides users with integrated intelligent electric heating control functions which comply with, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of Lot 20 - including but not limited to:

  • High accuracy temperature control accurate to within +-0,2°
  • Adaptive temperature control and Eco start functionality
  • 24/7 programming functions, and integrated real time energy consumption in each radiator
  • Smart Open Window Technology (detecting sudden drops in temperature to avoid energy wastage)
  • Presence detection (enabling automated programming for temperature control)
  • V27 technology self-programming (drawing on presence detection to calculate and apply most economical/comfortable programming for each users lifestyle)
  • Ergonomic digital thermostat design with additional alerts for visual/audible impaired users.

Intelli Heat are able to offer Local Authority and Housing Association the Cali Eco-Sense range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of Eco-Design Lot 20, and provides a Total Care Package specifically designed to meet your needs and – just as important - the needs of your tenants. Each step of the process is carefully structured to ensure a smooth process right from initial enquiry and planning through to the installation and the full satisfaction of your tenants. (add)

If you would like more information or Trade pricing for a system, please reply via info@intelligentheat.co.uk for a proposal.

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