Pod Kitchens and bathrooms with MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME

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‘Pod’ seems to be a buzzword latching on to multiple room styles at present, none more so than kitchens and bathrooms. Pod kitchens and bathrooms are compact, prefabricated spaces that can be installed quickly and easily in applications where time, money and crucially space needs to be made the most of.

These space saving pieces of genius are ideal for buildings that need to utilise every last inch, such as city hotels and student accommodation. Furthermore, considering the rate at which high density housing is being built across the UK, it looks like pods might be here to stay.
In fact, a study by AMA Research recorded a growth of 4% in the UK kitchen and bathroom Pods market over the course of 2017, with an 8% increase in market value. This reflects the bigger demand for higher specification pods as they grow in popularity, driven by a combination of factors, including standardisation and fast-track construction.
Due to this higher demand, pod kitchens and bathrooms need to be built efficiently while still maintaining a consistently high quality. This means the way in which the material behaves has a massive impact on whether or not it is suited to Pod designs. Factors such as machinability come into play here as installers want them ready to simply slot into place as soon as possible.
Finding a material therefore that is easy to machine, lightweight, but also resistant to water and humidity is absolutely essential, but tough to find. That was until the introduction of MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME (MTX): the weather resistant MDF board from innovative panel producer MEDITE SMARTPLY.
Guaranteed to maintain structural integrity despite exposure to water for up to 50 years, this revolutionary MDF panel could provide the key to efficiently manufacturing high quality pod kitchens and bathrooms that will stand the test of time.
With its easy to machine qualities it can easily apply itself to any size and specification, while retaining its unique water-resistant capabilities. MTX has proven itself in the toughest of conditions, successfully lining the insides of showers, as well as outdoor kitchens, and bathrooms.
A proprietary process called acetylation has made this wood fibre panel dramatically resistant to the effects of moisture and fungal decay, both indoors and outdoors.
Thanks to this technology, MTX offers specifiers, designers and contractors a reliable, compliant and sustainably produced alternative material that is just as versatile, if not more, than other kitchen or bathroom materials.
Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MTX at MEDITE SMARTPLY, commented: “MTX’s standout qualities are its durability, dimensional stability and ability to be used in environments not usually recommended, or sometimes even possible for wood-based panel products.
“Its water-resistant technology is manufactured into the board, so modification of it won’t affect it. Combine that with its easy-to-machine qualities and zero-added formaldehyde and you’ve got a panel that is friendly to work with and will withstand the elements for years to come.
“I feel we are just scraping the top of what is possible with this ground-breaking material and look forward to seeing more projects realising its potential.”
MTX can be finished in a wide range of RAL colours and waterproof finishes, to suit any mood or modern home. Its water-resistant qualities won’t be affected by the choice of finish, which can range from water-based paints, laminates, foils, melamine papers and much more.

For more information on MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, please visit: www.mdfosb.com 

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