Instant cure waterproofing and balcony renovation

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GLS Coatings Ltd, working with one of the largest European manufacturers of instant-cure Specialist Coatings – Krypton Chemicals, offer the complete refurbishment solution, without disruption to residents.

GLS Coatings’ spray-applied Coatings are TOUCH-DRY in UNDER 10 SECONDS and can be walked on IMMEDIATELY.

This provides a return-to-service time unrivalled by any other coating system. GLS Coatings Ltd have coated over 35,000m2 of walkways, balconies, stairs and roofs for Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

Building Safety is Paramount
Building safety is at the forefront of everyone’s thinking. Balconies are exposed to the worst of the weather and, if they are not properly maintained, the chance of failure is high

Water penetration can lead to catastrophic failure. That is why it is vital to choose the best waterproofing membrane, which provides a seamless, permanent water barrier to all upstands, drains, hand-rails and all points of penetration. GLS Coatings are proven to fully meet all of these requirements, while providing an attractive ant-slip finish.

Because GLS Coatings Polyurea coatings are extremely flexible, with up to 300% elongation, they expand and contract with the natural movement of the building, while fully maintaining the integrity of the waterproofing.

Walkways, balconies and stairs
In South East London, 5,000 properties have had their walkways, balconies and stairs coated with GLS Coatings’ Pure Polyurea, which comes with a 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Again, GLS and Krypton provided the instant cure waterproofing and balcony renovation, with no disruption


One project, which required GLS Coatings’ innovative approach involved a leaking deck above a row of shops. The existing coating consisted of paving slabs on an asphalt base.

As the paving slabs could not be removed, GLS Coatings and Krypton Chemicals provided a structurally stable and UV resistant coating which was applied directly onto the existing slabs.

As the coating was TOUCH DRY in UNDER 10 SECONDS, the residents could walk on the new surface immediately.

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