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The first consumer unit to market. First with 17th Edition consumer units. First to market with Amendment 3 non-combustible consumer units. Being first is something of a habit for Wylex. And now, Wylex is about to be first again with a range of 30mA Miniature RCBOs that are safer for everyone and quicker to install and test – all at no extra cost.

The new Wylex Miniature RCBOs are just one module wide. That means that all of the circuits in a residential installation can be individually protected by RCBOs and still fit in a compact consumer unit that’s just 292mm by 255mm.
Wylex miniature RCBOs the first single module consumer unit RCBO that switches both live & neutral conductors in the event of a fault. This totally isolates faulty circuits, making for a safer user environment while awaiting the emergency electrician.

30% more working space
Being the same size as an MCB, Wylex miniature RCBOs give installers almost 30% more working space inside the consumer unit, so wiring is much easier. The range includes ratings from 6A to 40A to cater for heavy loads e.g. showers and cookers as well as lighting and general power circuits. There’s even a 25A rating.
All Wylex miniature RCBOs are type A, so they’re sensitive to ac currents and pulsating dc currents. They are also less likely to suffer from nuisance tripping that can occur such as with variable speed motors in domestic appliances.

More good reasons
There are more reasons for installers to choose Wylex. Switching off a Wylex miniature RCBO isolates the live and neutral, which more than complies with H&S standards for safe working if equipment needs changing or additions are being made.
Testing is easier too. There’s no need to disconnect the circuit cables to carry out insulation and resistance testing - just switch the device off. It takes only one second to get a circuit ready for test; that’s 90% quicker than other devices. This saves valuable time and money, especially for social landlords who regularly test installations during occupancy voids.
30mA RCBOs are used to provide additional protection, as prescribed by the IET wiring regulations BS7671. The regulations also require installers to ensure that under fault conditions, power continuity is maintained to the healthy circuits and further hazards are not introduced. Using RCBOs is the best way to comply with these requirements.

The company behind the miniature RCBO
For more than 120 years, the company has built its reputation designing its own products to keep full quality control. Wylex goes above and beyond basic compliance, not only with switched neutral RCBOs.
Wylex produced the first Amendment 3 domestic switch fuse, meter cabinet consumer unit & cable management pattresses. Plus Wylex offers non combustible blanks, mains tails glands, flame retardant grommets and intumescents. Low smoke and fume paint is used as standard.
For Wylex, it’s all about keeping people safe –and about making life easier for installers.

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