Nationwide Windows Ltd and Cheltenham Borough Homes achieve collaborative working success

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In 2016, Cheltenham Borough Homes and Nationwide Windows Ltd set up a partnership that will see more than 5,000 CBH managed properties benefit from door and window replacements over a six-year period.  Adrian Pavey, Commercial Director at Nationwide Windows, and Julian Denslow Asset & Investment Manager at CBH discuss how both organisations recognise the benefits of strategic, long term partnerships and fully endorse the business philosophy and solid relationships that this approach engenders.   

Adrian Pavey comments: “When it comes to partnering with customers on significant door and window replacement programmes, while considering key requirements of each project, creating a collaborative working partnership is often the most important requirement of all.  At the outset, Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) had three key objectives for this window and door replacement project:  To provide high spec quality products, installed to the highest quality finish, with a partner who shares our vision and values for delivering an excellent service and best value.

“The windows we fabricate and install across the CBH managed properties all achieve a 1.2 U Value, which not only exceeds current building regulations, thus helping tenants reduce fuel bills, but also means the housing stock is future proofed and will meet energy performance standards for years to come. There is however no point having the best product if the installation is not up to scratch: The Nationwide Windows Ltd team delivering on this programme is performing really well and the feedback we have received from tenants has been extremely positive. This is helped no doubt by the fact our fitters are NVQ qualified having undergone assessment at our award winning in-house GQA Approved Training Centre. But beyond that, the CBH contract was one of the first to be included in our Positive Feedback initiative, aimed at ensuring that every one of our customers has the best service possible.  On completion of works, every tenant is invited to leave us an online review on either Facebook or Google.  They are thanked for their time by being entered in to a prize draw, and our installers are rewarded for both customer service and quality.  The initiative has been so successful that is has been rolled out to all our customers.

“The third area that’s hugely important to CBH is the commitment we make to the local community.  At the start of the project, a £875,000 investment was made into a new dedicated Cheltenham depot that includes 12 fitting teams and a workforce totalling thirty-five employees. Several CBH tenants work there, including the Depot Foreman.

The programme of works is well underway in Cheltenham, and the 2000th home has recently benefitted from replacement windows, an occasion that was celebrated.  Julian Denslow commented: “It’s great to see another resident pleased with their new windows and for CBH’s window replacement programme to have reached the 2000th home ahead of programme and within budget.  I’m sure they will join the other happy CBH tenants and leaseholders who have already benefited from new windows.  CBH is looking forward to the programme continuing into its third year and with furthering its successful partnership with Nationwide Windows.”

“It is pleasing that this contract, which was procured in-house to meet CBH’s specific requirements is achieving excellence and the collaborative and forward thinking nature of the relationship between CBH & Nationwide Windows Ltd is of particular note.

“CBH has given a long term commitment so Nationwide Windows can plan and invest in a sustainable way, and in turn, our community and tenants benefit in the short and long term.  I’d describe our relationship as constructive and refreshing. I am confident that at the end of the programme, both CBH and Nationwide Windows Ltd will be able to look back and say we’ve delivered quality products, professionally installed, that will leave a lasting legacy for the Cheltenham community.”

Adrian concludes: “We acknowledge the pressures faced by social housing landlords; with ongoing rent reduction and expectations to maintain investment into their housing stock. This is where innovation and collaborative working, as we’ve done with Julian and his team in Cheltenham, pays dividends. The strength of a relationship is built with a good team and a group who are happy, work well together and deliver a great service.”


• Replacement windows installed to 2000 properties since the beginning of the project in April 2016

• 2100 Replacement dwelling entrance doors both fire doors and non-fire rated doors 

• This equates to 13,600 window frames and over 40,800 pieces of glass

• The window replacements equate to a saving of 57,691kg CO2 pa through prevention of air escaping from the properties, which equals driving 202,531 miles in an average car

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