The answer’s yes. Now, what’s the question?

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Choosing just the right consumer unit for each job is important. So you need a supplier with all the answers.

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes, which means that electrical installations do too. Specifying just the right consumer unit takes knowledge, understanding, and careful thought. And someone who can supply what you need, when you need it.

Of course, complying with wiring regulations -  BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations, Building Regulations Part P - is a given. But there’s so much more to think about.

Consider, for example, the need to maintain power continuity in the event of a fault. Grouping lots of circuits together on one or two 30mA RCDs may look cost-effective, but it’s hardly an ideal solution for user safety. Especially if a fault on one circuit is going to switch off half of the circuits in the dwelling.

A safer, smarter option is to have all essential services such as lighting and smoke alarms on separate individual circuits. Then, even if there is a fault on a power circuit, the lights stay on and people stay safe.

All good reasons then to choose a supplier that can give you the full range of options, so you can get it right every time.
Whatever the question, the answer’s Yes.

No one offers a wider choice of units than Wylex. So, whatever each job needs, Wylex has a solution. 

For example, when RCDs have to protect more than one circuit, you need an RCD that can deliver enough power, as well as providing additional protection. Good to know then that Wylex uses 80A RCDs in its consumer units, to make it easier for installers to cater for multiple loads.

Meter cabinet units are a standard Wylex product. The all-metal Amendment 3 range provides a choice of solutions including main switch (all RCBO) high integrity, split load, dual RCD and dual tariff. These purpose-designed units are specifically for use in existing meter cabinets, so upgrades to the latest regulations are easy to achieve. All Wylex RCBOs have switched neutral as standard.

If you need consumer units that cater for micro generation (e.g. Photo Voltaic) installations, with metering and all of the necessary ways for the dwelling installation too, Wylex has them in one neat assembly. Units with surge protection included? Yes, Wylex.

Sometimes, you’ll need a compact unit that provides enough outgoing ways for very large dwellings. In the Wylex catalogue, you’ll find Duplex units with up to 38 ways, all in a compact enclosure that measures just 430mm by 500mm. As standard.

There’s no end of accessories too. Non-combustible cover blanks for extra fire protection. Cable management pattresses that can help guarantee that the IP ratings of the enclosure are maintained as required by the wiring regulations and keep the installation neat and tidy. Mains tails glands to protect the tails from damage at the entry point into the metal enclosure to meet the recommendations of the IET on site guide. Intumescent strips that can subdue and extinguish a fire in a consumer unit.

So, lots of good reasons to choose Wylex for the widest range of consumer units (all fully compliant to BS EN 61439- 3) and accessories. And for really challenging jobs, Wylex provide bespoke solutions.

Can Wylex help? Yes.

What type of job is it? Is it a building conversion from large house to several apartments? One that needs some switch fuse units to protect the sub-mains circuits to each consumer unit? Or a stand-alone property with it an all-electric supply arrangement for dual or multi tariff demands? Is it a high rise dwelling with the consumer unit housed in a meter cabinet outside of the property? Is it a new build where aesthetics are important? Or a very large house, that requires a high number of outgoing ways?


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