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Our recycling process has been developed entirely in-house using our own engineering expertise and by adopting best practices from other industries, such as food manufacturing and rail engineering.

Eurocell has developed Dual Material Extrusion Technology (DMET) to enable the accurate processing of post-consumer (end-of-life) recycled material. DMET is used in all the manufacture of our main window profile systems, equating to approximately 27,000 tonnes of new products annually. With DMET, all of the post-consumer recycled material is concentrated in the core of the profiles, so the external faces maintain the finish quality and UV stability performance demanded by the relevant quality standards and customer expectations.

Re-processing PVC-U imbues it with additional structural strength and, post-extrusion, results in recycled product being superior to those made from purely virgin material, because the process creates better dispersion of material elements. So recycling creates material innovation.

In addition, our ongoing investment in innovative process technology has included new extruders and market-leading colour sorting equipment. This investment has seen the number of PVC-U window frames recycled at the plant increase in the past five years by 58%. This represents a total of 1,004,929 ‘post-consumer’ or end-of-life frames recycled in 2017, from the private residential and commercial replacement window sectors.

Since investing in a PVC-U recycling facility and DMET extrusion technology, Eurocell has rapidly expanded the range of products that feature recycled material. This includes:

Our innovative Modus window and door profile system, which features an intelligent 6-chamber single-piece profile design consisting of c.45% post-consumer recycled material to optimise energy efficiency performance. Modus achieves an A++ Window Energy Rating and U-value of 0.7, which is market-leading performance. Modus also delivers a triple benefit to customers – top energy efficiency for lower heating bills, responsible use of materials/resources for sustainability and at lower cost than alternative window materials – timber and aluminium.

Our range of Cavalok cavity closers, predominantly used in the construction of new build housing. The closers – which are built into the completed wall structure – are made from 100%
post-consumer recycled material for maximum material efficiency and are certified by the BBA, the leading building products quality standard accreditation.

We’re passionate about offering market leading quality and energy efficient products, which provide better finished solutions for housing providers and their tenants.

To find out more about how we’ve helped clients in the Social Housing sector and how we can support your next project, call us on 0800 988 7300, email us or visit

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